Dressmaking workshop

A few months ago, a space was implemented to develop the dressmaking course that allowed us to train 20 mothers, fathers and adolescent users of the institution:

The Children of the Sun Association of Holland, who gave us 13 sewing machines on loan, supported us in changing a new electrical installation, according to the needs and technical regulations for the use of this type of machine, and they assumed the cost of studies of the 20 students who began the course.

The Franky & Ricky Factory in Arequipa, who gave us 7 sewing machines as a gift.


Dressmaking Course

On September 1st, the “Dressmaking Course” began, directed at the mothers of the children of Hogar de Cristo. The course lasts one year, a specialist has been hired to teach the classes, and is free of charge.

Currently this workshop has only 10 students according to the security measures for the covid-19 pandemic.

The workshop is sponsored by the Children of the Sun Association of Holland.