For 25 years we have been working with FREUNDESKREIS HOGAR DE CRISTO e.V. The destinies of Hogar de Cristo and Elisabeth Schwall Freundeskreis were united for the benefit of many lives.

Elisabeth  supported us through her work, first as a volunteer, in which she directly collaborated with the children of the project and then with the work she did in her hometown in Germany, founding FREUNDESKREIS HOGAR DE CRISTO e.V. which began with the visit of Elisabeth Schwall who brought hope to many families of Hogar de Cristo .

With donations since 1993

Freundeskreis Hogar De Cristo E.V Achievements

– A large sum of money raised by Elisabeth Schwall – Freundeskreis Hogar de Cristo e.V.  contributes towards a large part of the capital to buy the house we now have on Bolivar Street in Arequipa.

– Donation to Clínica Espíritu Santo for the construction of the paediatric department. We were able to assure the health of the children in CASA HOGAR DE CRISTO; they could be attended for many years in this institution. We cover the costs of emergency health care, repairs, etc.

– Through our annual donations we finance scholarships for professional instruction for 11 children from the Casa Hogar de Cristo. As some of them finish, others enter the program.

– Support in the development of the reading comprehension workshop for the children of the Hogar.

– Also according to our strengths we support projects that have to do with the welfare of children and youth in Arequipa.

For the time being, due to the pandemic,  Freuendeskreis Hogar de Cristo e.V. is concentrating its efforts by financing the  JUNTOS 2020 project. This project benefits the young people and families of Hogar de Cristo in Arequipa

Financed by Freundeskreis Hogar de Cristo e.V.


This program aims to provide a better quality of life for the adolescents of the Home through education, which not only benefits the boys and girls directly, but also their families and allows them to have better opportunities.
Currently, graduated scholarship holders have been collaborating with the Home through their different careers, as is the case of Ana Quispe, who supported the Home through an educational video on the use of the thermometer, an indispensable instrument in the current situation.


Financed by Freundeskreis Hogar de Cristo e.V.

This project is framed within the themes of education and integral development of the person.

The project is aimed at making 1500 aprons through the Hogar de Cristo dressmaking workshop for the Doctors in Solidarity Campaign in the city of Arequipa and dedicated to helping health professionals facing the Covid-19 pandemic.  The people in charge of the campaign in Arequipa are in charge of distributing them in the different health centers.

Measures to Prevent Infection from the Pandemic

– A clear and precise hygiene plan has been created in the garment workshop to avoid contagion.

– All prevention measures are being taken with masks, and hand washing with water and soap.

– The workshop has been arranged in such a way as to ensure a physical distance of 1 to 2 meters between the machines.

For this purpose, the infrastructure of HOGAR DE CRISTO has been adapted with a new sink, and with a washing machine to keep masks, towels and aprons clean.

The First Steps of the Project

1.- The workshop was implemented with the support of the Francky&Ricky company and the Children of the Sun Association of Holland.

2.- The electrical installations in the Home were adjusted for the use of the machines and for this reason there were no problems of short circuits or accidents.

3.- The machines were located respecting the minimum physical distance of 1.5 meters.

4.-A hand wash sink was installed very close to the entrance of the institution, so that those who enter can immediately wash their hands. It was implemented with individual towels for each of the people who participate in making aprons. Likewise, masks are changed upon entering and leaving the institution. A washing machine was also installed to keep the towels, masks and aprons clean every day.

Aprons Manufacture
Aprons Manufacture
Aprons Manufacture
Aprons Manufacture
Washing Machine Installation
Washing Machine Installation
Garment Washing
Washing Machine Installation
Face masks
Face masks