Funded by Freundeskreis Hogar De Cristo E.V

Juntos 2020 Project

This project is framed within the themes of education and integral development of the person, specifically of the adolescents of the city of Arequipa in situation of social risk and vulnerability and taking as a goal some of the objectives of the millennium towards 2030, focused specifically on the eradication of poverty, the promotion of opportunities and equality through an inclusive and equitable education, promoting a life with good health and quality.


A space was implemented to develop the dressmaking course that will allow the training of 20 mothers, fathers and adolescent users of the institution:

The Franky & Ricky Factory in Arequipa, who gave us 7 sewing machines

The Dutch association Children of the Sun, who gave us 13 sewing machines on loan, supported us in the change of new electrical installations, according to the needs and technical regulations for the use of this type of machine, and they will assume the cost of studies of the 20 students who are going to start the course.

This workshop has been temporarily suspended because of the current situation due to Covid19.

With the financial support of German friends at Freundeskreis Hogar de Cristo e. V. During the month of May, we have made masks for the families of the Hogar.


With the making of aprons our young people and some parents are learning to participate in a professional workshop that produces excellent quality aprons to meet the needs of hospitals and health centers in Arequipa.

In exchange they receive recognition in the form of a donation.


42 Families and Adolescents beneficiaries of the Association Hogar de Cristo Arequipa



For this it was necessary to observe the following:



The Hogar de Cristo families are currently in a more vulnerable situation, since the quarantine status was decreed in Peru due to Covid 19. For many families, the economic income they generate from their street vending, domestic work and other jobs is not sufficient to meet their needs.

It is because of this reality that at this time it is essential to support the families in activities that allow them to receive recognition (in the form of a donation) to face the day to day needs in their homes.



To support the generation of economic income in the families of the Home

Maintain the lowest risk of infection within families


-Adaptation and implementation of the protocol for the prevention of Covid 19 infection in the premises of Casa Hogar de Cristo Arequipa

-Call and meeting with 5 collaborators for the confection of 29 units of bio-security clothing (masks and aprons) for the collaborators who will support “IN THE JUNTOS PROJECT”, until March 2021.

-Purchase of materials for the preparation of masks and aprons for the collaborators who will carry out the production of aprons for solidarity doctors.

-Confection of biosecurity clothing for collaborators of Hogar de Cristo.

-Meeting with the teacher in charge of the groups that make the aprons

-Elaboration of the rotary program of apron making for solidarity doctors, from September 2020 to March 2021

-Call and virtual meeting with the collaborators who will support in the making of aprons for the “JUNTOS PROJECT”.

-Confection of aprons for solidarity doctors.


In the month of September 500 aprons were produced. The delivery was made as agreed. The group Médicos Solidarios   confirmed us that the quality of the aprons delivered is very good.

These aprons have been delivered in part to the Goyeneche Hospital and to the Honorio Delgado Hospital

These days we are making another 500 aprons for Médicos Solidarios . In this opportunity they have asked us for the aprons in different fabric.

Our deliveries are made to Campagna Médicos Solidarios, who in alliance with Red de Corazones are in charge of distributing these aprons to the different health centers in Arequipa.

They send a donation in exchange to the Hogar de Cristo Association and in return we give them a donation certificate. The income benefits our young people and their families.

To ensure that all families benefit, we have a rotation plan. To avoid the spread of Covid-19 we have a very good prevention plan. Our strategy avoids crowds of people. This is an important priority.

Our youth and therefore our families benefit from making these aprons. On the other hand, the doctors in the city of Arequipa receive good quality aprons. This has already been confirmed by Mrs. Pamela Zuñiga,

In charge of the Operational Team of the group Médicos Solidarios. Dr. Ana Cecilia Vela of Médicos Solidarios keeps us well informed about the needs of the health centers.

We are happy with this JUNTOS 2020 project and we thank our friends from Germany Freundeskreis Hogar de Cristo e.V. who have given us all the financial support to carry out this project.