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How Do Families Get to Hogar De Cristo?

Twice a year we do outreaching by handing out flyers in marginal areas, looking for children on the streets.

Hospitals, schools and state institutions also refer cases to us.

What does a family need to belong to Hogar de Cristo?

All families go through a home visit, where not only are the socio-economic conditions evaluated, but also the rights of the children and adolescents who are vulnerable. The family then signs a document in which they commit to attending the parents’ school, cooking the children’s meals (two weeks a year) and giving a small symbolic contribution of S/. 4.00 soles per month per family.

Once they enter the program, they access the benefits listed below:

Our program seeks to improve the quality of life of children and adolescents in vulnerable situations, working in the following areas:

Integral Educational Development Program


School Support
Every day, the children and teenagers do their homework, receiving support and monitoring from an educator.
Social Skills
Once a week, children receive social skills workshops, touching on topics such as life planning, assertiveness, communication, gender and decision making.
Once a week we give workshops on self-esteem to encourage the proper development of self-concept and personal esteem in each of them.
We give workshops in yoga, music, photography, embroidery, weaving and crafts.
Reading Comprehension
In this workshop we encourage reading, strengthening comprehension and retention skills.
Integral Educational Development Program


Hygiene Workshop
Once a week the children and teenagers take a bath reinforcing hygiene habits.
Health Care
We handle health care, supporting cases in vulnerable situations and low resources.
Psychological Care
We make evaluations and follow ups of the children and teenagers by managing therapeutic referrals.
Social Care
We carry out home visits, giving advice and accompaniment to our families.
Preventive Workshops
We provide prevention workshops on addictions, teenage pregnancy and sexual abuse.
Integral Educational Development Program


Community Encounters
Three times a year we do activities with the communities where the children and adolescents live, sensitizing the population on issues of violence and promoting employment.
Participation Workshops
We promote the knowledge and development of children's rights, giving them a space for participation.
Parent Workshops
Every month we have a meeting with parents where they are trained on social skills and we commit them to better care and upbringing of their children.
Community Mobilization
We participate in two marches a year where children defend their rights.
Network activities
We belong to the network of shelters where children participate in a soccer championship and a dance festival, identifying themselves as members of Hogar de Cristo.
Integral Educational Development Program


Cooking Workshop
In the workshop the adolescents learn to prepare different dishes and desserts to establish costs and nutritional value of the dishes.
Embroidery and Weaving Workshop
Teens learn to knit and embroider.
Scholars Program
Adolescents who are in the 5th year of high school apply to the program where they are given a scholarship (monthly) so that they can carry out higher studies, which have a monthly monitoring and responsibility with Hogar de Cristo.
Integral Educational Development Program

Access to justice

Legal support
With the help of a lawyer, counseling is provided to parents in matters of: Food, family violence, conflicts with criminal law, etc.
Restitution of Rights
We restore rights that are violated such as education, health, recreation and identity.

"Love and serve in everything"

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