At Hogar de Cristo we believe that the value of reading is irreplaceable in bridging the gaps of unequal opportunity for our beneficiaries. As well as developing in them the capacity for critical analysis and discovering the world of opportunities that reading offers, it also develops imagination, creativity, abstract thinking and more.

In order to develop this, we have seen it as a strategy to implement this project.

This workshop is funded by the Association “Manantiales en el Desierto” (Watersprings in the Desert”) from Germany which was founded by Isabel Cascante in 2016.

This project consists of developing workshops aimed at users of the first grades of primary level, through active and participatory methodologies; animation strategies towards reading and its corresponding understanding with activities such as storytelling, image readings and literary creations (poems, stories, comics, etc.), attendance at literary presentations for children or visits to libraries or exhibitions, visits of guest specialists in the animation of children’s reading.

It takes place 3 times a week for an hour and a half each day; our users participate in the workshop and enjoy activities that bring them closer to reading and reading comprehension in a fun and playful way.

Reading comprehension workshop today (2020)

2020 is the second year that the “I’ll tell you again” workshop has been developed. In order to do it due to the quarantine, it is developed through the social network WhatsApp, the teacher connects with each child and through creative activities offers the children a different and learning time, in the confinement that the children live today. More smalls.