STICHTING KINDEREN VAN DE ZON AND Collaboration with El Hogar De Cristo

Stichting Kinderen van de Zon was founded in 2003 by the Dutch Marianne Schepers, with the main objective of:

Improving the living conditions and development opportunities of children, adolescents and families at risk in Peru.

Stichting Kinderen van de Zon means Children of the Sun Association and with your support Marianne hopes to make the sun shine for disadvantaged Peruvian children.


All her life Marianne has wanted to help in the effort to improve the living conditions of underprivileged children. In 2001, she travelled to Peru for the first time to work with the child street vendors in the city of Cusco. Here she met the Peruvian Flor Esteban Ninantay. Working with these children touched Marianne so intensely that, after returning home, she decided to continue working for a better future for the children with scarce resources in this part of the world.

Since then, Marianne has been working as a volunteer in Peru every year for a few months. During the rest of the year, she raises funds in the Netherlands to achieve the objectives of the foundation. For more information, go to the website:

Stichting Kinderen van de Zon supports Hogar de Cristo with the following activities:

-Giving workshops to children and teenagers on sexual education, domestic violence, hygiene, self-confidence and self-esteem and creative workshops

-Paying the salary of a teacher to guide the children in their homework

-Giving training in dressmaking to the young women and mothers of Hogar de Cristo.

-Working on the reform of the institution.

-Purchasing  materials.

-Individual support for children and families

Kinderen van de Zon has been working with Flor for 20 years and since 2015 has been supporting the work of Hogar de Cristo.